top 10 most unreal and weird hotel in world

when people go out from house for there business or work the first thing which they look up is hotel. everyone one want a hotel with comfort with in reasonable price , here we are share top 10 most unreal hotel in world . check them out .

1. Beckham Creek Cave hotel-

Beckham Creek Cave hotelputs you directly in touch with nature while providing all the amenities of modern technology. With it’s perfect blend of magnificent beauty and superior design this modern accommodation is truly a fit for royalty.

2-Capsule Hotel  

 Capsule hotels originally made their debut 30 years ago in Osaka and quickly caught on; today, there are about 300 in Japan. They cater to salarymen who miss the last train home, as well as the jobless, who rent by the month. Spartan and institutional, capsule hotels attract relatively few foreign travelers.

3. Dubai Underwater Hotel – Hydropolis -

 Hydropolis was only a proposed hotel. No initial construction had begun. What could have been a great teaching tool, was supposed to have been the world’s first undersea luxury hotel, at 20 meters below the sea off the Persian Gulf near Jumeira Beach in Dubai.

4. Poseidon Resort – Bahamas  -

The Independent UK recently reported about the world’s first sea-floor luxury resort: the Poseidon in the Bahamas. Underwater suites will boast panoramic views of unique varieties of fish on private artificial reefs, lit up by underwater lights controllable from an inside switch. And guests can enjoy use of an external fish feeder—just push a button and feed the fish outside! Additionally, each suite has a large Jacuzzi tub with spectacular views of the surrounding coral reef. Luxury underwater suites will set you back $1,500 a night. The Dude behind this development? The President of U.S. Submarines, L. Bruce Jones. Gotta figure that a submarine guy would be the one to pull off this stunt. They’re shelling out US$53 million in this novel concept, so it’ll (better be) good.

5. Hotel Puerta America – Spain 

This hotel is freekin cool! We on the 7th floor, which is the White Floor... You have to pay a bit extra to stay in that floor for some reason - not sure why... but it was really cool. 

6. Wild Canopy Reserve- 

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7. Maya Hotel Floating Pyramid Island In Caribbean Sea

The Maya Hotel, a vast floating pyramidal resort, is on the drawing board at Oceanic Creations, a Swedish-based company.  "The $209 million Maya Hotel located south of Cancun, slated to open in 2010. This pyramid-shaped hotel will float in the crystal clear Caribbean waters with the help of a new composite material, normally used in the defense industry, which is billed as six times lighter and ten times stronger than steel."

8.Ice Hotel – Sweden-

Every year the ice hotel is redesigned. All of the furniture, from the chairs to the bedroom furniture are carved from ice. Due to the extreme cold weather, guests wear beaver nylon jumpsuits to protect them from the elements. A unique experience to be sure. This hotel books up more quickly than you can imagine.

9.underground hotel in china-

China's love for towering skyscrapers just got turned upside down.
Construction is underway to build a luxury resort delving 100 meters underground on the side of an abandoned quarry at the foot of Tianmashan Mountain, Smart Planet reports.
Surrounded by a theme park, the hotel will have three levels above ground and 16 underground, according to CNN.
The 380-room resort will also offer guests spa services, a sports facility and an underwater restaurant, according to Shanghaiist.
Located 30 miles outside of Shanghai, industry analysts expect room rates to start at around $320 per night.

 10.Longitude 131ยบ - Australia-
Luxurious, eco-sensitive and romantic, Longitude 131° lies at the gateway of the dual World Heritage listed wilderness of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, complete with 5-class luxury and private views of the sun rising and setting over Uluru (Ayers Rock).
With just 15 tents in total at Longitude 131° you only have to share this amazing experience with just a few others.

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