ZAREEN rises up with HOUSEFULL 2

For Zareen it was a tough decision though to step into yet another costume drama. After all, Veer wasn't quite the kind of start that a quintessential Bollywood heroine takes. While she had limited opportunity to show the glamorous side of hers, the below par run of the film meant that she had to bide time before she could step into an item number 'Character Dheela' [Ready] and then play one of the four heroines in Housefull 2.

"However the makers of Karikalan were insistent that she was the best choice for the role due to her prior experience of playing a princess in Veer", adds a source, "Compared to many other Salman Khan heroines who have been seen as mere eye candy in his last few films, Zareen at least had a role to speak of. Moreover she had performed decently in her debut outing, the makers felt that she had the potential of justifying the faith shown in her."
ZAREEN rises up with HOUSEFULL 2 ZAREEN rises up with HOUSEFULL 2 Reviewed by prinstongirl18 on March 13, 2012 Rating: 5