How Do You Make Money Via Facebook

The social networking site Facebook, created by Mark Zuckerberg, has not only made him very rich but has the potential to make money even for you. So the question is, how does one explore avenues to make money via Facebook? Having a large user base of over 600 million, with the average user spending 55 minutes per day on the site, being in the age groups of 34-49, with disposable incomes enables its' own story.
As a business house, your aim is to attract public attention. However, in today's the advertising din, unless you make yourself noticed and believed, your business idea will stagnate. Advertising is persuasion and persuasion happens to be not a science, but an art. It is an art of connecting your brand and you with the large mass in an affordable way. It takes the word of mouth appeal to a completely new level and with over half a billion users is quite a crowd. Facebook further acts as a portal point for driving traffic to your site and other online properties. You can explore cost-effective ticket bookings, communicate promotion to events or simply advertise an idea. Therefore, when you save money (via Facebook) you make money, and when you generate thought awareness you are effectively advertising.
While you are cutting your cost of advertising, you as a user, can react to the exact audience you want with relevant targeted groups be it social security, health benefits or groups which give emotional support to cancer survivors or the like. Though this does not come with a price tag, there are some things money cannot buy and those usually are the most priceless one.
For the more computer literate, applications developed with the sole criterion of selling to interested parties is already a tried and tested method. However, a large gap still exists between the actual demand and availability of Facebook application developers. Micro payment options remain a well liked mode of selling. Services accessed through such micro-payments, inadvertently, yield a reasonable income, depending on the innate technicalities of the application required by the prospective users.
At nearly 30 million users, the Facebook community is perceptibly huge. What is extraordinary is that a staggering 50% of these users log in everyday. If one can make even a small percentage of this community spend a trifle on sending silly virtual "gifts" or purchasing emoticons to each other, then surely a clever mind is only at the tip of this great iceberg. Sit up and engulf yourself into the limitless possibilities that can help you make money via Facebook.

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