How Can You Make Your Blog Interesting

It's a well-established fact that, as a blog owner, you really do need to blog regularly. However, it's highly possible that even though you want to post regularly, you just can't seem to come up with interesting content.
Never fear, fellow inhabitants of cyberspace, we've got your back. Let's talk a little bit about creating really great blog content - how to attract readers and keep them coming back.

1. Use visuals

We always find it helpful to provide some sort of visual in addition to a length of copy found in the typical blog post- whether it's a relevant picture, a graph, or a video. Visual interest draws people in - humorous videos or creative photography pull people in to the text you write. Photography is obviously a great tool when you're reviewing an event- if people weren't there attending that event, it's always nice to imagine what the scene would have been like. Creative videos relevant to your blog content are always available online for linkage, or can be developed pretty easily by your creative mind and developing hand; and people will usually pause long enough in this crazy media-filled world to watch them.

2. Write about things you are passionate about and interested in

Okay you've probably heard someone tell you a long time ago that "knowledge is power." But seriously, if you're interested in something and devoted to it, it's a great thing to build content around. If you're interested in the social media business, non-profits devoted to animal welfare, or Japanese food - start writing about it! When you have knowledge and insight to share with the world, there is no doubt that someone else with the same interests will eventually come across the path of your blog (thanks to those Google search crawlers and maybe some Denver online marketing), or that you will spark a new interest in a reader! Don't ever feel that something you're interested in isn't enough to create content with - sure, sometimes you have to do a little research and whatnot, but really that's all part of the fun, right?

3. Ask questions

To be more specific, ask questions directed towards readers. Questions are a great thing to put at the end of an interesting blog post. For example, if you're posting about a new trend in online advertising tactics, or have a sudden spew of political outrage, your post will be greatly enhanced when you ask for some reader feedback. Make questions bold and direct - allow others to get their opinions up there next to yours! A great blog post can sure spark up a great discussion in the comments section of your blog.

4. Post links

Link to some interesting content that is relevant to your post- further research for those who are interested in the web design business, online petitions that aim to have a positive impact on animal welfare, recipes for sushi and green tea ice cream, and so on. Perhaps add in a little explanation of what blog readers will find at the link location and why it's important (i.e. "passing a bill in Denver to allow people to raise their own chickens will lessen the amount of factory-farmed eggs produced and encourage people to eat local food").

5. Guest posts

It's always a good idea to mix it up every once in while and have a guest write a post for you. Guests could be highly qualified professionals in a field of business interest that you often deal with on your blog, or family friends who have some sort of unique expertise to charm readers with. Either way, a change in perspective is always nice for then, you get to comment right away on your own blog, which has got to be pretty exhilarating.

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