7 Must Have WordPress Plugins

You know what I am in love with wordpress just as everybody else is in the blogger community. And with its wide range of plugins, almost anything is possible with wordpress platform. There are numerous wordpress plugins available covering all range of functionality that one can even think of.
In this article we are sharing some of the best wordpress plugins, that according to us every blogger should have. Have a look at them.

Best WordPress Plugins

1. All In One SEO Pack

If you wish to write search friendly titles that are different from the heading of the page, get this plug-in. The best thing about this plugin  is that there’s a direct link to options configuration panel right from the plugins section and you don’t have to dive into the settings and check where they could have been added. All in One SEO Pack allows to set the titles structure of blog pages, use noindex attributes for the sections you’d like to close from the search engines and set meta title and meta description for the blog main page without going into the blog code.

2. W3 SuperCache

This plugin uses a static HTML version of your blog to reduce the browser’s load time. This means that users can view your blog more quickly and it minimizes CPU processing compared to WordPress on its own. When users experience a faster blog load time they tend to stick around longer and explore a bit more too.

3. WordPress Related Posts

Keep your blog readers interested in what you’ve written by showing them similar posts. Through a tagging identification feature, related posts are gathered and appear at the bottom of corresponding entries. Related posts are a great way to encourage your blog subscribers to delve into other topics that you’ve blogged about.

4. Redirection

If an external site is linking to a non-existent or a 404 page on my site, I use the redirection plug-in to forward all the incoming traffic to the right pages.

5. WP-Paginate

If you scroll to the bottom of any archives page, you may see some numbered boxes – they are done through the Paginate plug-in.

6. No Self Pings

When you internally link articles and posts to each other within your blog it creates pings. This plugin stops the self pings so that you’re left with a trail of pings only from your readers.

7. Deans Permalink Migration

In case you update your permalinks, then this plugin ensures that the old links are not broken.

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