The Ultimate Collection: 20 Free Tumblr Themes Of 2011

Tumblr describes a new and different way of blogging. It is a free to use software that doesn’t needs to follow any installation process or manage any utility on their own servers.
Tumblr come under ease-of-use and streamlined approach where it is designed to simplify the tits and bits of pieces micro bloggers update. It is connecting and empowering people. I think it is one of the top blogging platforms around!
Beyond any doubt Tumblr has a far cry unique approach of traditional micro blogging that is unique from any other ordinary micro blogging service. It brings together distinct templates for posting the quotes, sends brief updates to public and private networks, you can ever share music, video, photos, and links as well.
As far as my concern i think micro blogging software helps us to get swift response and a handy way to connect with many of people.
These days Tumblr is becoming very popular to accomplish various purposes like in business where you want rapidly respond from consumer to reach business goles. It is just a mean of effortlessly share anything where you holds liberty of customizing everything, from colors, to your theme’s HTML.
Tumblr’s uniqueness and quickness in solving problems associated with micro blogging, is enough to surpasses its competitors.
Here We’ve pulled together some of the great and best of collection of tumblr themes.

Art She Said

Black Diamonds



Alternate Route

Boston Polaroid

Button Theme


Castles in the Snow


Chalkdust v.2.0



Dark Things


Diaphanous Theme v1.4

Eviscerate the Proletariat

Ffekt Two

From Baskerville


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