Sunday, April 24, 2011

Top 6 Best Free Blackberry Action Games Worth Downloading

Apart from executive uses that Blackberry offers, there are a lot of fun apps too that find place in your Blackberry Mobile. Game lovers too can now think of playing addicting games on Blackberry Mobiles. So get ready to race around in a taxi picking up fares, shoot some monsters, pop some bubbles… there’s something here for all gaming tastes!So here is NetFandu collection of “Top 6 Best Free Blackberry Action Games Worth Downloading

1. MOBile Wars

MOBile Wars is a mobster game based in Al Capone 20′s era Chicago. Your goal is to work missions, fight, and earn MOBCash in your quest to become the top mobster at Cellufun.

2. 3D Attack Chopper 2

It is an action-adventure-shooter offering full freedom of movement piloting an “Attack Chopper”.  It provides you intuitive one-handed controls and your mission is to seek out and destroy all enemy resistance.
To download this game go to and enter this download code : 1585

3. Doom

A limited remake of the original Doom that looks very 8-bit, but in a fun way.

4. Vampires Rising

Vampires Rising is a game based in modern day New Orleans, the vampire capital of America, where vampires hide their true identities from humans.Free-Blackberry-Action-Games


Destroy all zombies! Slide and match zombie parts and destroy all zombies.

6. Sid Meiers Civilization IV

This is a Demo for the Full version see Sid Meiers Civilization IV War of Two Cities.

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