Recovery Guide From Google’s Panda Algorithm Update

If your site stats suddenly make you realize that your visitors have reduced drastically then don’t start blaming others because the reason is the new changes made in the search giant Google, updated by an algorithm more prominently known as “PANDA” which goes globally on April 11th 2011.
A boon to original content displayers and a hell on internet for the copy writers is what this new algorithm is made for. As suggested by Google this algorithm is going to target the blogs or sites that have breached the copyrights, too much links with no or very less original content { and are the one of those hit very hard by this updated algorithm}, and are really a burden on internet with no usefulness, and those with too many keywords associated with just one post.
It on one hand have targeted the above have proved a helping hand to all those with original content and timely updating {, etc. have secured their position among the gainers}.
Well as its said that sometimes the good also have to pay because of the bad and if you think that this time Google was wrong about you then there is nothing you can actually do on what have been already done but for future you can do follow some effective tips below and be saved by the Panda Slap.
Top 12 Tips to Bring Back Your Site by Panda Slap

1.) Duplicate content, too many ads, low information value. Try to remove them.
2.)Start right now and focus on the original and useful information from now on.
3.) Block the pages from the search of Google that you think were slapped or could be slapped by the ROBOTS.TXT.
4.) Another small way is to add “rel=canonical” tag to the pages you are worried about. This will allow you to escape the preying eyes of Panda.
5.) For solely business based sites, add this Pi Services
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6.) Avoid too many ads and rewrite those contents that you think are copied and make them look original.
7.) Use 301 redirects to point low quality content to good quality content on your site.
8.) Reduce the amount of keywords linked with your posts as Panda is against taking trouble for seeing too many keywords.
9.) Well for solely video or picture based site or blog, try adding the some good textual content along with the pics.
10.) Try to make your site or blog a faster and rich with good content quality.
11.) Opt the social networking for the sharing or marketing your site or blog.
12.) Last but the most useful one is that if you are already hit by this algorithm then try and notify Google and still don’t expect them to increase your rank, but make sure that before you tell them check your site for the Google friendliness.
Have your site analyzed for all these key points else it’s going to be a bad year for you and most probably your site. All the above tips will surely going to help you to optimize your blog better for Google search engine, so that your blog can survive with any major Google algo changes in future.
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