Opera Mini 11.10 Is Available For Download

Opera mini name which is well know for the web browser and also for mobile browsers all most 150 million people are using Opera mini as default browsers which shows the demands and importance of this browsers as competition is getting stronger day by day ,due to which new version are released by web browser owners to fascinate users toward their web browsers.

Now come the point on which this article is totally based as we all know that Firefox 4 is out and after few day of this release Internet Explorer 9 is also rocking the Cyberworld then how opera mini be left behind ,so opera ha released it latest version called Opera Mini 11.10 which is also available for download.

So i decided to discuss some new which feature which you going to get in this release of Opera mini are shown below:

1.Tab stacking

2.Mouse gestures


4.Opera Turbo

5.Speed Dial

6.Opera Link

7.Password manager

8.Opera Unite


You can also directly download this version of opera mini straight from below link provided

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