Increase Traffic – Do You Really Need It

You will find millions of articles on how to increase traffic to your blog. There are thousands of sites claiming to bring traffic to your blog. A lot has been said, done, implemented and thought of to bring traffic to your blog. But the question is  do you really need it, you might say “Are you a jerk? Who don’t need traffic?”
Well getting traffic alone won’t make you rich. The type of traffic you are getting determines your how much you will earn.
As you might be knowing that we have started our blog just about 2-1/2 months back, and so very obviously we were getting a minimal traffic (close to about 15-25 visitors a day) initially. Somehow we managed to increase the traffic to about 50-60 visitors a day. But still it was too less, so we asked one of our friends to increase traffic for us. He worked just for three days and the traffic shot up to 1000 visitors a day!!
As our traffic increased nearly 20 times, so ideally our revenue should also have increased 20 times, but that didn’t happen. We were really shocked at this fact, we just couldn’t understand that hoe this happened. So we decided to look into this matter rather deeply. And the following is what we found  :-

Organic Traffic Matters Most

Before our friend worked for us, our traffic from Google i.e Organic Traffic was nearly 33%. Thats precisely why we were getting CTR of about 1-2%. But after he worked our organic traffic reduced to just 13%. All the traffic that we got were just due to his network on social media which was in no way relevant to our blog. So practically they just visited our blog and left without going any further.
Let me explain it a bit, any visitor coming from Google or any search engine is looking for some information i.e he/she is on a search for something, and so he/she is more likely to click on your ads. So the traffic should be more organic.

Social Media Traffic Still Matters

You might think that I am a confused person, simply because I just mentioned in previous paragraph that how social media traffic was so irrelevant for my blog. But what I am trying to say here is that if your network on social media is relevant for your blog, then only traffic from such sites to your blog is valuable.
Let me quote you an example. Suppose you have a blog on which you write about Internet Marketing. You have 1000 followers on Twitter, and most of your followers are Internet Marketers, so certainly they all will be interested in looking into your article, but instead of tweeting your post from your id you chose to tweet your post from your friend’s id who has 10000 followers, but all of them are related to medical field. You might get more traffic from your friend’s id but that traffic will be useless.
So when you develop your network on social media, always keep this in mind that they all must be of same niche as you are in.

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