How To Install Joomla

Although we are using WordPress CMS, but certainly we can’t deny the importance and presence of other equally good CMS like Joomla and Drupal. now we are going to share with you How to install Joomla Manually.
Joomla CMS
1. Download Joomla installation files from
2. Unzip the folder and upload all the file via FTP client like Filezilla etc.
3. Create My Sql database via C Panel, with proper username and password.
4. Go to your homepage ( or
5. You will see a pre-installation check page generated by Joomla.
Install Joomla Manually
If due to any reason this page is not generated then you can directly access this page at “”. Even then the page is not generated then check whether all files have been uploaded or not.
6. The pre-installation check page, checks the server environment to be able to run Joomla or not.
7. If everything is OK i.e Green, then click Next button. However if some of the items are shown as Red, then if possible try to correct them, you can still click Next and see what happens.
8. The next page generated is the License agreement. Accept the T&C, click next.
joomla cms
9. On the next Page fill Database details, that you created in step 3. In the Host Name field you can enter “localhost” or the ip address of the server from which the site is hosted.
10. After entering details of the database you are given the option to delete the existing tables in the nominated database and also to backup the tables. You may also install come sample data. If this is your first installation it is highly recommended that you check this option.

11. On the next page you will be asked to enter Site details, such as Site’s name, Email and password. Click next

12. You will be also required to provide FTP details on the next page. It is recommended here that you create a different FTP id via Cpanel, for Joomla, giving access to the Joomla folder only.

13. If you successfully come to this step, then you will asked to delete the “Installation” directory from the server. This is a safety feature of Joomla, and without removing that directory, you can’t proceed further.

14. You are done. To login to the admin panel go to or, and login using “admin” as username and password that you entered in Step 11.

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