How To Install Drupal Manually

Drupal is also a content management system just like WordPress, and any website/blog can be developed using Drupal as CMS. Many professional webmaster choose Drupal over WordPress as it offers complete control over website design. Well the choice is completely yours as to which one to choose. I am just sharing here, how to install Drupaland I am leaving the debate of “Drupal Vs WordPress” open to all of you.
Install Drupal
Here is How to install Drupal manually :-
1. Download the installation file from
2. Upload the files on to your server via FTP client like Filezilla etc.
3. Create My Sql database through C-Panel, with desired Username and Password
4. Navigate to the URL of your Drupal site and run the install.php file (for e.g or if you have uploaded Drupal files in a subfolder)
5. Choose the default language.

6. Locate file “default.settings.php” in your Drupal folder on the server. It can be found in ..rootfolder/drupal-folder/sites/default/default.settings.php.
7. Enter the details of the database you created in Step 3, click on Save Configuration.
Install Drupal
8. If all goes well till here you should be able to see the following screen
Install Drupal
Fill the site details, save and continue.
9. Installation process is complete!!

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