Best Windows Live Writer Plugins

Windows Live Writer is a Microsoft desktop application which is most important tool for all the bloggers. Windows live writer helps you to draft/ post/publish your articles on your blog. It makes it easy to share images, videos on all the blog services. If you are not yet using Windows Live Writer for your blog then check out the benefits of live writer.
Apart from lots of embedded features of Windows live writer, there are few plugins available which will make your blogging experience a lot more easy. Here is the list of  Windows Live Writer plugins:

Windows Live Editor Plugin

Snagit Screen Capture

Snagit Screen Capture Plugin is a must have plugin for Windows live writer. Snagit is best way to enhance your blog images. This plugin provides all the required features like capturing screen , edit screen and embeds to your articles directly.
Windows Live Editor Plugin


Flickr4writer is the best plugin for Windows live writer and must for all the bloggers who use flickr images in their blogs. If you don’t know use flickr then checkout the steps to use flickr images for your blog because flickr can drive huge traffic to your blog. Flickr4writer plugin allows you to search as well as insert images to your articles. It’s quick and easy.
Windows Live Editor Plugin

Twitter Notify

This plugin send tweets of your newly published blog post automatically. A shortened link to your post is automatically generated through the TinyURL service. Customize your default message in the options menu.
Windows Live Editor Plugin

Highlight Background Color

With this plugin you can set background color for selected content of your blog. To download this plugin you can follow this [link]

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