Best HTML 5 Tools To Embed Videos

Many of the webmasters feel the need to embed videos in their website. Until now everyone was using Flash as a tool to embed videos in their website, but it poses many other concerns. Having flash videos in the website not only increases the load time but also it makes some portions of your website blind to search engines, so potentially it poses a threat to SERPS. An alternate to this is to embed videos using HTML 5.
So without going into debate of Flash Vs HTML 5, we provide you with some useful HTML Video tools to embed videos.
So here is NetFandu's compilation of “9 Best HTML 5 Tools To Embed Videos

Javascript Driven: Dplayer

dplayer is a simple music file player written in Java. Instead of using a sophisticated play list management or “my music” repository, it offers a simple file system browser to let you choose directories containing music files. This approach is very flexible and straight forward. No installation required and nothing is written to the file system (except a simple properties file).

Fry Player v 0.2

FryPlayer is characterized by speed and convenience at work, but his most important quality is that he is free to use!
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Sublime Video

This is another great html video tool. It doesn’t require browser plugin and is supported by iPhone and iPad.
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Projekktor is a free JS wrapper for the new HTML video and audio elements. It solves cross browser and compatibility issues, adds some eye candy to the native players and provides powerful non standard features. It is not necessarily required in order to provide native media but be aware: You will never want to miss this pleasing touch of comfortableness again.

Flare Video

FlareVideo is an open source, jQuery-powered HTML video player. The player supports fullscreen mode and has a fallback mechanism into a Flash-driven player.
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Video JS

Video JS is a javascript-based video player that uses the HTML video functionality built into advanced browsers. In general, the benefit of using this HTML tool is a consistent look between browsers.
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JW Player For HTML

The JW Player for HTML5 is a fully skinnable and configurable player based on the new tag found in HTML5. The JW Player is currently one of the most popular open source video solutions on the web and the new version offers seamless fallback support for JW Player for Flash.
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Kaltura HTML 5 Video Player

Kaltura works in all major browsers, including IE, by using a unique ‘fallback’ mechanism – not only for the format of the video that is played, but also for the actual video player version that is used. A base component of the Kaltura library bridges the gap between the few browsers that don’t support HTML5, by falling back to its underlining Flash player. It has been developed with HTML, CSS and jQuery, and with built in support for the jQuery Themeroller, styling is amazingly easy and flexible which will maintain a unified look and feel across all operating systems and browsers.
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Moovie- Moo Tools

This is a MooTools custom controls library for the HTML  video element. It features: playlist and subtitles support, settings panel for enabling or disabling various options such as looping, captions and auto-hiding of controls bar.
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