9 Best Free i-Phone 3D Games

With smartphones such as i-Phone all set to become integral part of our lifestyles, and it’s jaw dropping features like Multi-Touch interface, the accelerometer, GPS, real-time 3D graphics, and 3D positional audio. 3D Games designed for i-Phones can leave you quite amazed.

Aurora Feint The Beginning (Arcade)
Compete with your friends in an epic fantasy world. Play exciting puzzle games, level up your character and collect magical items.

Cube (Action)
Cube is a singleplayer and multiplayer first person shooter that provides satisfying and fast old school gameplay. It is a landscape-style engine that pretends to be an indoor FPS engine, which combines very high precision dynamic occlusion culling with a form of geometric mipmapping on the whole world.

Armado Lite (Action)
Guide Armado as he rolls, jumps and crashes his way through this action packed journey.

Tilt your iPhone forwards, backwards, left and right to guide Rhino through the city streets, avoiding cars and other obstacles on your way to the finish line. Collect bonus lightning bolts and hit the launching ramps for a FULLY AWESOME adventure.

Blue Skies Lite (Action)
Use the accelerometer to pilot your helicopter and out maneuver enemy tanks, planes, helicopters, blimps and mines.


TapDefense (Strategy)
TapDefense is a new TOWER DEFENSE strategy game that you can take you with you all day long. Play for hours or salvage snippets of time on the go.


IBasketball (Sport)
Ibasketball is the newest way to shoot baskets with your iPhone. Using your iPhone to make a shot motion, play a game of around the world and see how many baskets you can make.


Adrenaline Pool Lite
Adrenaline Pool Lite features authentic physcis. 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Straight, Snooker against players from all over the world. It provides a cool 3D view with particle effects


IGolf (Sport)
iGolf let’s you swing your iPhone like a golf club and then tells you how far your shot went. It gauges how fast you swung and how far your shot traveled with the iPhone’s accelerometer. It’s like having a driving range wherever you go.

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