8 Most Addictive Free Games For Android Phones

With ever growing market of Android, the coming time ensures for more Android Free Games. Although the niche of “Android Games” is still in its nascent stage, but at this juncture it is set only to grow.
If you own Android Phone and you are looking for Best Android Games for Free, then we can help you out with this.
now we have gathered “8 Most Addictive Free Games For Android Phones” , so just enjoy the list.

1. Doom 1.0

One of the most famous games of the decade Doom is now available on your phone and that too for free.
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2. World War 1.1

 World War is an Online Game for Android powered phone that happens in year 2012 and presents a broken out nuclear war.

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3. Racing Live 1.0

 Start as a novice street racer and work your way up to become the king of the roads in the Racing Live world. Massively Multiplayer ONLINE Racing Game. Join over 4.2 million players. Race other players LIVE.
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4. Alien Escape

 A fun little shooter game that lets you blast away at a large army of alien ships above the city lights of Los Angeles. A great distraction, and a prefect way to unwind, or take a quick break.

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5. Assassin’s Creed 3.0.9

 Jerusalem, 1191 A.D. Play Altair, an elite Assassin, sent to kill eight men in order to end the Third Crusade, in a game that redefines the action/adventure genre that provides a well-balanced mix of stealth, chaotic action and riddle-solving exploration in the midst of 4 historical environments of the Middle East.

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6. Asphalt 5

 Asphalt is rocketing onto Android! Get behind the wheel of the best vehicles from prestigious manufacturers (Lamborghini, Kawasaki, Ford, etc) and make a name for yourself in amazing 3D surroundings.

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To download this game follow these instructions :-
  1. Go to ‘Market’ on your Android-powered device.
  2. Select ‘Search’.
  3. Enter ‘Asphalt HD’ into the search field.
  4. Once you’ve found the ‘Asphalt HD’ app, touch to install.
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions to proceed with the installation.

7.  Parallel Kingdom-Age Of Emergence

Parallel Kingdom is the first and most popular massively multiplayer role playing game (MMORPG) that uses your actual GPS location to place your character on a map filled with monsters, treasure, and other real players.
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8. Super Tumble V 1.3.2

Addictive, sometimes maddening physics game! Fantastic graphics! Fun for all ages and all genders! Remove the blocks to get the star safely onto the platform.
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