8 Highly Useful Google Cheatsheets For Free Download

We all are fond of finding cheat codes for games and other things, not because we can’t complete the game without them but without them it takes a little more than usual time.

Similarly for finding anything on internet we use the most widely used search engine “GOOGLE”. You must have noticed that sometimes we don’t get the accurate results and sometimes we have to search up to 50 pages to get the exact or most suitable result for our need.
To get the results with warp speed and that too with precision we need to hack Google not the way the conventional hackers do but to ease and refine out the results. The vastness of Google can be figured out when we search for just the simplest of things; to find the correct results in Google is like finding a pin in a hay stack.

To reduce the time and increase the accuracy Google cheatsheets came into existence. Here we are with 8 Highly Useful Google cheatsheets.

Google Maps Cheat Sheet

Google Chrome Cheat Sheet

Gmail Shortcuts

All Google Keyboard Shortcuts!

Google Presentations Cheatshee: Keyboard shortcuts

Google Search Cheatsheet: Advanced Operators

Google Documents Cheetsheet: Keyboard Shortcuts 

Google Calculator Cheat Sheet

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