8 Amazing jQuery Plugins For Sliding Images

jQuery is one of the most popular Javascript framwork out there. It is very easy to use and full of cool features. But it can be quite tedious  for any web developer to know how to use the code and create amazing stuff using jQuery. So, develepors decided to release and create plugins to help us fulfill this task by making it easier for us. There are thousands of jQuery plugins available online for various cool features. DailyTechPost has gathered some amazing jQuery plugins for sliding images.
So here is NetFandu compilation of “8 Amazing jQuery Plugins For Sliding Images

1. Gallery View:

GalleryView is a jQuery Content Gallery Plugin. GalleryView aims to provide jQuery users with a flexible, attractive content gallery that is both easy to implement and a snap to customize.

2. jQuery Thumbs

Easy thumbnails creation with jQuery, jQuery Thumb dynamically wraps images and/or link images with a div.

3. Image Flow

ImageFlow is an unobtrusive and userfriendly JavaScript image gallery that is perfect for large image galleries (it can support hundreds of images). It even has support for the iPhone.

4. Sliding Gallery

The Sliding Gallery plug-in will take a group of images and turn them into a cyclical gallery of images which the user can click through. One image will be centered on the screen, with two smaller images off to the sides. The user can click either of the smaller images to bring them to the center, or the center image to enlarge it.

5. S3 Slider

A simple way to add smooth image slideshows and showcases on your website.

6. Pirobox V.1.2.2

The script now weights only 12.5KB, (9KB Minified). There is a choice between five different styles. Slideshow option More. Multiple image set option More. PngFix for Internet Explorer 6. Keyboard navigation: Right arrow [next], Left arrow [prev], ESC [close]. Broken Link Check. Automatic repositioning of the image in the browser window. Browser compatibility: FireFox 2+, Opera9.5+, Chrome, Safari (Mac/Windows),IE 6+.

7. Moving Boxes

A nice looking jQuery content slider with buttons to change panels and the panels zoom in and out. Moving Boxes comes with a keyboard support: arrow keys, spacebar, and enter key. Also number of panels and initial widths/sizes are no hard coded, so easier to build upon.

8. Zoomimage

Present you images in stylish way. The links are unobtrusively highjacked to open the images in an inpage popup with drop shadow and border.

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