Sunday, April 24, 2011

3 Best Ways To Offer RSS Feed Updates Via SMS To Your Blogreaders

The world is getting smaller day by day. In earlier days computer was a mammoth machine but now it has shrinked to a nice little notebook on your lap. But what lies ahead is “Mobiles”-that everyone carries in pocket. The whole world of information can now be accessed through that tiny device called mobile. So if you have a blog then it is good to provide RSS feed updates to your blog reader via sms.
RSS feeds have traditionally been delivered using a RSS reader / browser or using email. But now, you can also send your RSS feed updates via SMS.
Today I was working on this topic i.e to offer RSS feed updates via sms and so whatever information I gained, I am sharing with you all in this article.
So following is NetFandu article on “3 Best Ways To Offer RSS Feed Updates Via SMS To Your Blogreaders

Google SMS Channel

You can offer RSS feed updates via sms by using Google SMS Channel. All you need is :-
  • Google account
  • Working RSS feed on your blog
Just login to Google using your Google account and go to:
You will need to enter your mobile number there, and then it will be verified by Google by sending you a verification code via sms.
After verification, click on My Channels

Create your own channel by clicking on “Create“. Enter the Channel Name, Description etc and in the source, select RSS/ Atom Feed and enter your Blog’s RSS feed URL.Tick the ‘Allow Publishing by – only ME’ and ‘Who can subscribe – Any user’ options. You can set the content to the Title or the Title with Body.
Click Create Channel and start inviting users to your Blog’s SMS channel. Users can now get SMS updates for your blog by SMSing ON <channelname> to 9870807070.
However its free to use but it can only be used in India.

My Today

Its another free service to offer RSS feed updates via SMS. All you need to do is to register yourself and start using it right away.

To Register

  • Send sms REG to 098452 98452. Only for Indian mobile users.
  • They will send back you the password.
Login to your My Today account by using mobile no. and password.
To add RSS Feed Go to My World >> feeds >> manage feeds option. [link]
Select SMS from the list of folders you see. [link]
Now enter Name, feed URL and check Send SMS option and click create.


Tatango also provides a service to offer RSS feed updates via SMS. To know more have a look at CEO Derek Johnson’s video on this link.

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